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  1. Big Geordie

    The Weather

    Been pishing down in Cambois. A very for-boding sky, also.
  2. A final push to purge the left from the party, by making us scapegoats? I’m seriously considering turning in my card.
  3. Aye - Sterling should have been sent off.
  4. Big Geordie

    Joe Willock

    Some boy, is Joe With his form, I can see Arsenal keeping him and getting a run in their midfield.
  5. Anyone see the coming, coz I didn’t! Superb win, even if we were hanging on at the end a bit. :-) Safe now too.
  6. Shelvey keeping his place, whilst Clark and Longstaff are dropped.
  7. Dan Maguire, Sean Reid and Nadan Buddle, back at Blyth for next season.
  8. A bad night for Keith and Labour then. Well, it's not like anyone saw it coming! England has lurched further to the right - again. Think things are bad under the Tories at the moment? It will get worse as they become more nationalistic and corrupt.
  9. Oh dear Arsenal Not looking good for Arteta.
  10. He's gunning for the PL, it would seem. Big time.
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