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  1. Yeah... erm... Fulham are shit, btw.
  2. It's like HBA all over again! (but on a smaller scale)
  3. As I mentioned earlier in the season, I don't think Fulham have it in them to survive and we do have the capacity to grind out the odd point here and there - which should prove just about enough. So, once again, Bruce is one fucking lucky manager. And a cunt.
  4. Joke. Ashley's NUFC is a fucking embarrassing joke.
  5. I'm not playing FM these days but I do watch a lot of YouTube clips about it. I noticed that every goal, that's finished inside the penalty area, entails no more than 1-3 touches between the players in the penalty area. It's a glitch, I take it? Or is it not realistic to replicate a more real-life goal or something? EDIT: Mind you, this observation is based on 2D.
  6. Jumped too early as well, should have kept back peddling a little bit more. Still a quality goal though.
  7. I prefer if the staggered approach stays. Having football on all the time is the closest that many of us will feel like living Hugh Hefner's life.
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