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  1. Short goalkicks probably aren't a good idea when the ball ends in Paully D's feet.
  2. @Kaizero Melvin Capital down 49% in Q1. Can't find a link yet.
  3. Pata


    Leffe must be fuming inside. Came here all smug about Baker looking good in that list and everyone just says they are all shit.
  4. Few baffling non-decisions in Madrid. Kabak-Benzema looked like a stonewall pen and the foul on Mane is a red.
  5. Pata

    Emil Krafth

    Must be one of the worst and most pointless signings we've ever made. He's worse than the players he was supposed to replace and somehow gets still picked. At least most pointless signings never played much.
  6. Orta is stunning and tough, got stuck about halfway through and didn't go back. Playing it on Xbox One S and you could easily think it's an X360 game.
  7. Pata


    Not yet but will be watching the first 3 rounds at least. I'll read whatever Broncos crap you write.
  8. Been watching Hunter X Hunter. Around 80 episodes in and it's been enjoyable.
  9. It’s not just about us bein shit though is it? I mean 72 points would have us in third. It's a bullshit stat tbh. We had 36.49 expected goals this season, only behind Crystal Palace. We were very very lucky when he wasn't on the pitch and extremely lucky when he was on the pitch. He's obviously monumental for us but we were the worst team in the league according to understat.com and should have been comfortably relegated.
  10. https://myanimelist.net/anime/820/Ginga_Eiyuu_Densetsu I really liked this but it’s old, slow and long. So many characters that they get name tagged every time they are on the screen for the first time in an episode.
  11. Stifler told me that the Queen died six months ago.
  12. 3 in 3. £10m absolutely fucking wasted, right?
  13. Pata


    Just one trade and good drafting that ESPN graded as F IIRC.
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