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  1. god, imagine if you flipped it on and it just straight up tore the braces off some innocent passerby. that would be so fucking gruesome.
  2. Can we get a mod ruling on this? Literally a thread made SPECIFICALLY for potentially dopey/misguided - but ultimately harmless - optimism and hope should be a place where not all opinions are "aloud" just because someone wants to be a buzzkill.
  3. Pathetically predictable parade of pablum protecting putzes present in press produce provocation.
  4. Aye it is fear. And it's why I still have sympathy even for the "no" voters - unless any of them are true corporate master amazon apologists in which case fuck them - and won't deride them for their vote. It's easy for us to judge from afar given our daily lives won't be grossly impacted either way. "Just vote for the union" is an easy cheer to lead when it's not your future and your family's future possibly on the line. I hope there's a round II in the future at least.
  5. thomas

    Hip hop fans

    if "X gon' give it to ya" doesn't make you want to immediately punch the first person you see right in the face you're dead inside. or Ian W.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/04/07/when-did-matt-gaetz-know/ Fucking Dilbert guy knew before anyone?
  7. A piece of software with an "N-word" slider. The future is finally here x-box lobbies about to just turn into a flock of casio keyboards
  8. He's still got it. I need a nap after reading this. Just imagine the deficit of braincells it takes to be inspired by that incomprehensible gibberish
  9. im glad we have the unread content page to divide us now that tapatalk is out of the frame.
  10. 100%. red-green colorblindness is a bitch cause it fucks with my yellow/green perception as well. Can't tell which areas are cheese and which are mayo/salad dressing.
  11. There's too much focus on these 2 scant wins. It's not about winning games; it's about the accumulation of points. And what's the best way to accumulate points? Winning games. Figure it out, geordies. Checkmate.
  12. getting swept by the phillies is not a good look for a team who is supposed to be at the opposite end of the power spectrum.
  13. I believe the "contract upon relegation" talk is just an Edwardsian ruse made up to irritate fans. His one job was to tread enough water to stay up and now we learn that if he fails to do that he'll be rewarded? Nah. No way.
  14. In another way it's also possible to live in a world where you can mock optics like that as well as detest republican bullshit. It really doesn't have to be either/or, nor is there a priority list where we have to solve republicanism before jabbing at anyone on the left.
  15. Ohh yeah, silly me, I forgot it was only one or the other. Is today some kind of logical fallacy holiday?
  16. This is about laughing at an absurd stunt you off topic weirdo, not about high school gay bullying. Jesus christ.
  17. they all deserve it cuba, they all deserve it. trying to portray this as some kind of homophobic campaign is straight dogshit though and you should be ashamed.
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