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  1. I legit have 10s if not 100s of thousands of dogecoin on a random hard drive around here and I'll be fucked if I can find the wallet
  2. Easy problem to avoid imo if you don't drive like a pensioner. swear to god there are some spiteful fucks in this world that purposefully drive slow in the fast lane. if you don't literal rivers of blood on the highways from shootings then undertaking has to be legal.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/15/germany-highest-court-rules-berlin-rent-cap-illegal landlords now trying to say they have a right to collect the extra rent they were denied by the cap? I didn't think that was how that works but, hey, more fuel for the "mao was right" argument
  4. grip jar in one hand, grip lid in other, twist both at same time in opposite directions. DO NOT ANCHOR JAR REPEAT DO NOT ANCHOR JAR
  5. aye whenever it gets brought up I want to drop something like "Really? Most of us are on alpha-chad.newcastle-online.org at this point. They won't like me spilling the beans but if you're still on beta, well, there's a reason." but I'm not sure how well received male social hierarchy bullying is these days.
  6. It's not really better than McD or BK tho is it?
  7. Zero idea why I dropped that in this thread instead of STNOW. The comments there are wild - these were videos done independently for a local sci-fi con way back in the 80's - https://www.otaquest.com/daicon-iii-iv-preservation-projects-strike-at-the-heart-of-fandom/ I'd never seen them before either. But I guess they're so iconic there were nods to them decades later - someone deep in the comments posted a FLCL throwback I couldn't find again. Fucking huge bonus points for the backing Electric Light Orchestra soundtrack too. Jeff Lynne is a goddamn titan and I'm not going to bother
  8. lemme go ahead and make a few enemies here - In and Out is hella overrated.
  9. god, imagine if you flipped it on and it just straight up tore the braces off some innocent passerby. that would be so fucking gruesome.
  10. Can we get a mod ruling on this? Literally a thread made SPECIFICALLY for potentially dopey/misguided - but ultimately harmless - optimism and hope should be a place where not all opinions are "aloud" just because someone wants to be a buzzkill.
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