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  1. Yeah, sounds like she’s actually done quite well here. I don’t think having to pay 20m for her own legal costs is what I would class as doing well mind. Could have been worse, but, her aim was to win the case and have her legal costs covered in that. I’ve absolutely no idea how the process works, but I assume you enter these legal situations with the knowledge you may have to pony up for the bill and that bill may be quite substantial. Losing and only having to pay your half seems quite unusual. I genuinely don’t give that much of a fuck, I just read the article assuming it would
  2. Yeah, sounds like she’s actually done quite well here.
  3. Have I misread that or does it say that she doesn’t have to pay Barclays legal costs even though they won?
  4. Oh, we absolutely would not be publishing a lengthy statement on our website and talking to SSN about what is a reasonably inconsequential judgement if Bruce wasn’t shitting the bed.
  5. It’s all manoeuvring isn’t it? We’ve made a stink about one of the panel members being biased, and forced it out into the open, presumably in an effort to ensure there’s even more scrutiny on the process. Means nought in terms of the likelihood of the takeover.
  6. I imagine anyone with an FA level 1 badge could rock up to the training ground and they’d look like Arrigo Sacchi in comparison to Bruce.
  7. That’s probably the wrongest thing I’ve seen posted on here, which is quite some achievement.
  8. Giving Shelvey a new deal at the same time was a much bigger problem.
  9. The more bodies we have between Joelinton and the football pitch the better.
  10. Love how much they hate him. It's strange as well like, but then again, they are a bunch of weird c***s. They hate him because his appointment proved everything they spend their lives trying to refute - that we’re a relatively big club, that we’re much more relevant than them, that despite being shit we have a pedigree and a profile that they could only dream of ever having.
  11. Funniest part of this entire saga was right at the very start, during the morning of the Companies House changes, when Edwards steamed in to shit on it and had to delete his tweet after 10 mins because someone at the Telegraph clearly had a word to say Burt had the exclusive.
  12. In fairness to the PL everyone ignores Ryder.
  13. There’s a risk we’re going to go round in circles, so this is my final post for now. Very little of the wider debate about Labour and anti-Semitism has been in good faith. It’s been used as a wedge issue to marginalise and undermine a left wing political project and the figurehead of that particular project. Every concession aimed at defusing the situation has just ratcheted up the stakes and made everything worse. Having lived the last 36 months I can say with absolute certainty there is no course of action that Corbyn or Labour could have taken that would have rendered this a non-issu
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