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    I asked about this specifically in relation to my daughters jab and was told to take paracetamol. Basically if you have a temp and chills etc treat as you would do normally
  2. There's a line on Every Day Carry which summed up perfectly how I was for a few days then I heard it, it's towards the end of the song and the line kept crashing round my head long after the music finished (it's the last track on the album), so much so that I didn't realise. "I just want to put something positive into the world, But it's hard because I'm so full of poisonous rage"
  3. Old bad Philip would have been a cooler nickname than Duke of Ed.
  4. Tends to happen when people have just passed on. I remember listening to people talk about my dad in the days after his passing, left me thinking if we were talking about the same person.
  5. When did the unnecessary travel restrictions change ?
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    It's already been explained how the vaccines came about "quickly".
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    The authorities may have said that based on how long it usually takes. I'm sure some scientists were saying it would be a lot quicker because of the amount of teams and money being thrown at it. On a side note, more shambles from Johnson and Co....https://inews.co.uk/news/travel-quarantine-laws-uk-government-covid-restrictions-since-started-947868
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    Who's facts ?
  9. I honestly think Labours current posoition is the old political orthodoxy of "if the other party are fucking up keeping out of it and let them do it" but times have changed and Labour are wrong to do it, however I worry that they don't have the voices to be heard
  10. Lots of "they" in that, see what I mean about choosing your narrative. Most voters a arent aware nor give a crap about the internal shit. He hasn't done aswell as I'd hoped, as you say Trumpism may well have played its part. You may well end up where I've been for the past 30yrs in voting for the least worst option as opposed to voting for what you want as its not an option. The factional stuff is a giggle when you know the left was pulling similar stuff when Blair/Kinnock etc were in leadership and as I've pointed out many times on here, the Tories understand, they'll fall i
  11. Have a read of Isabel Hardman's "Why we get the wrong Politicians", also there was a 3 part documentary on how the Houses of Parliament "work" on the beeb, shows how the system of Government, alluded to by Hardman, is so disfunctional.
  12. Depends on where you want to take your narrative from.
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    How is a lockdown an affront to democratic society?
  14. Can you link to the people not knowing their names were on it info please. Not doubting just would be handy if I wanted to use it.
  15. War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength.
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