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  1. There's 20+ years of evidence that this useless fat cunt is an absolutely hopeless football manager. A little run of decent results doesn't mask that - he's still just as shit as he was 2, 5 or 10 years ago. Pushing mere survival as being as some kind of success shouldn't be tolerated. It might be successful to someone as shit as Bruce but it should never be deemed as "successful" for the club.
  2. Given how many shots we concede it was free money tonight, same as Salah a couple of weeks ago.
  3. midds

    Snooker LOOPY!!!

    Majestic clearance. Absolutely superb stuff
  4. midds

    Snooker LOOPY!!!

    Actually prefer snooker when it's like this tbh. Nothing better than seeing Ronnie (or whoever) in full flight potting a ball every 5 seconds but this is also enjoyable when they've both got to think about every shot and get it right every shot, I prefer it.
  5. He's done him there imo
  6. midds


    Pretty clear to me that they already think they've done enough and have enough points on the board. Very confident they're looking solely at Fulham's results and reacting accordingly, it's the only thing that explains the pathetic lack of urgency today - Fulham lost so we can just coast this one, let them have time and space and we're both one game nearer the end of the season and the gap remains the same - job done. It sums up the manager perfectly, no ambition other than the absolute bare minimum, no attempt to get after a very poor Arsenal, no attempt to try and reel in the 4 clubs within a
  7. Because they know that they, more than any other media outlet, have created and perpetuated the "Big 6" mantra. They have constantly referred to this lot as the Big 6 clubs, they create little mini-tables of results "against the Big 6", goals scored against the Big 6, Man U's results against the Big 6 this season, linking players to Big 6 clubs - happened today with Grealish named as a potential signing, and so on. They've caused them to feel superior to the rest of the pyramid and they shouldn't be surprised that they've now acted on it. They've been feeding the monster for fucking years.
  8. Fucking abysmal this like. They've had a week to prepare for this today an not one of them are even pretending to give a single fuck about it. It's like they watched Fulham lose yesterday and thought, fuck it, doesn't matter today and they're just dialling it in. It's like a testimonial, the lack of urgency, pressing and effort are disgusting.
  9. If we turn this lot over tomorrow then the gap between the 2 sides will only be 7 points. Considering the absolute pigshit we've played for months on end that's a damning indictment on Arteta and Arsenal in general, they're a shadow of what they used to be and falling further and further behind each year. Bless them.
  10. Does he lock the cars after he's robbed them btw?
  11. Yeah I get that but if he doesn't catch him with the follow through then Vardy has a chance of getting to the loose ball and getting a shot off? But he doesn't get that chance because he's caught with the follow through.
  12. Vestergaard has clearly caught him with the follow through and fouled him as he's about to run on to the loose ball. I seem to be in the minority but I think it's definitely a free kick and, due to where it's happened, it's probably a red too. Not sure what Redknapp and Bent are on about, he's fouled him with the follow through even though he's won the ball. You can't just ignore what happens after he's touched the ball?
  13. Clearly going to Chicago as a parting 'fuck you'
  14. midds

    Snooker LOOPY!!!

    Aye Murphy always comes across as a smarmy fat twat, don't mind the other 3 though.
  15. The whole thing is on iPlayer if you can get access to that
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