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  1. 4-4-2 with 2 central midfielders out wide and 2 usless ones in the middle is a massive part of the problem. Would like to see us revert back to 4-3-3 with Anita sitting behind Sissoko and Wijnaldum, Thuavin on the right and Ayoze on the left. Couldn't be any worse than the last few performances.
  2. Really couldn't see us signing another under 6ft centre half anyway.
  3. Gomis goal celebration. So infuriating 😠
  4. Very little chance of it being Rudiger unless he flops at Roma.
  5. €4m loan fee & €9m more if they make it permanent at the end of it.
  6. I was just about to post that. What an unbelievable season that was until the wheels came off when Bellamy got injured. A few years of shite under Dalglish and Gullit and then a rebuilding process for a couple under SBR. I don't think anyone expected the transformation in the 01-02 season. I had to leave a boozer in Coventry when the 3rd went in at Highbury, thought I was having a heart attack.
  7. It's one thing taking a gamble on damaged goods if they're a bargain but I fail to see the logic in paying more than what Marseille paid for him when he's flopped. Either Carr rates him very highly or the rumoured fee is well off the mark.
  8. Only time I've seen him play was in the champions league, possibly against one of the Turkish clubs, and he looked like a beast. Strong, quick, scored twice. Can't recall a massive amount but I bought him on fifa on the strength of it.
  9. Just pleased he doesn't look overweight.
  10. Don't know, he might still feel things. Fans of other teams still feel things, apparently. No. I am annoyed about the pathetic u-turn to the original u-turn, but we've already bought Gueye, who is practically the same player Delph is, so he's replaced already. Do you not think he was Delphs replacement & that's why he's going? Gueye was linked when Delph was expected to go then both stories went quiet. Then it breaks that Delph is heading to Citeh and Gueye move is in the press again?? I know very little about Delph so maybe he is a complete dick who'd change his mind t
  11. MidfieldGeneral

    Loïc Remy

    If remy can get a big signing on fee and keep his current wage at palace I'm sure he would move happily. One thing we know about him is he's only in it for the money. Where does the money grabber bit come from, is it because he rejected us to go to QPR? If so he hardly knocked us back at the first flash of more cash did he? If the stories were true he knocked 3 financially better offers back from them and was going to sign for us until they offered him double and, probably most importantly, a get out of jail free card if they went down. Then he opted to join the team that went on to
  12. Was thinking the same thing. Stoke pulled the plug on Shaqiri when it looked like a no go so that they didn't waste time and miss out on other targets. We must have had some encouragement somewhere along the line.
  13. It's Cabella on loan for the season.
  14. Winegum is 5 ft 9 according to wiki.
  15. I actually respect him for wanting to move to a Champions League club rather than get paid loads in England by a midtable team I very much doubt we'd pay him more than Roma.
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