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  1. If this was any other industry would this have been stopped because of things outside of what that company does? For example, if they wanted to buy a middling supermarket chain promising thousands of jobs, better affordable produce, etc. Would the head of that industry stall things because of who’s name is on the company? Or if they were to buy a train company and made luxurious trains, more reliable and on time more often, would the same happen there or would they stop it Richard Branson kicked up a fuss because he’d lose out? Just seems fucking shit.
  2. Still annoyed about this whole thing. Should be a case of, ‘Do you have the funds to buy a Premier League club?’ YES ’Will you run the club to the best of your ability?’ YES Sign here.
  3. Has anyone played walking football before? Miss playing more than anything the last 4 years, will never be able to play 5/7/11 a side again but think I could manage this with having less impact.
  4. Put in our 2004 defence and 1998 CMs and that’d be unreal. Think our AM options and main CF is as good as I’ve ever seen it. Pickford gets stick but I think he’s okay for this England squad where he won’t face much until the last 8 and distribution is key. Pickford Neville Cole Ferdinand Terry Ince Batty Sterling Mount Foden Kane
  5. This really isn’t much. We’ve 4-5 games where we won’t be favourites next. They only need one to give them a chance. If it goes to the last game I know where my money is going.
  6. Think that’s why I’d go with Kane, Calvert-Lewin and use Rashford in an emergency. Frees up a space for someone like Bellingham or Ward-Prowse to add a bit more quality to CM. We’d have to be desperately unlucky to be without all 3 of them at any one point.
  7. I’d take Kane plus a backup. Rashford could play there if need be and even Sterling in an emergency.
  8. Colback actually looked average the first 4-5 months.
  9. Criticises the ‘toxic atmosphere’ after a win but stokes the flames with bollocks like this.
  10. Not enough of him that day tbh the sexy bastard.
  11. Slimani. Think fully fit he could have been similar to Rondon for us. Two cameo sub appearances helped us secure a couple of wins at a crucial time to see us safe.
  12. I agree with that tbf. Just think he’s still playing well and we’re still going to need big game experience. His level hasn’t dipped enough to be left out for me.
  13. Good shout. I’ll add Goma. Him & Hughes were a good pairing first half of the 00/01 until he joined Tigana’s French connection.
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