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  1. Hopefully they will have to rest some to be fit for their second leg in superEuropeLeague. Should be able to give Arsenal a tough match anyway.
  2. I totally agree, im just happy that we finally got some points again And that we managed to hold these fucking amazing superleague sides. God i hate them.
  3. Yeah, that was quite predictable. But it ended up with 3 points. Get this to the finishline, part ways, and never mention his name again. edit: Or perhaps Willock deserves the praise? Feels way better
  4. Think he has done allright the last few games. A bit of luck goes a long way. Subs vs Merseysides were spot on i think. Hopefully we can keep this semi-form going until the end of the season, and look to a brighter future for NUFC
  5. Also worth noting that Villa stayed up on a VAR+Hawkeye error.
  6. I really don't know how it can get worse, but im confident Bruce will find a way. Also invited over to my twinbrother who is a Spurs-fan for this. An evening to forget i guess.
  7. Shock, this is going the way EVERYONE predicted. Why bother.
  8. No chance versus a side a bit of ambition. Loss. 3-0.
  9. Gayle finally gets a start. Winger. Fraser who is good out wide in the middle. Steve Bruce.
  10. Even without Grealish, they got 11 footballers. We dont. Lose 0-1(or more)-.
  11. With the direction the Premier League is heading with all players being cunts, VAR being a total joke, and the "big six" being so high on themselves they forgot to actually end up in the top 6, i wouldn't mind getting relegated if it meant getting rid of this shithouse owner, and a good fucking bye to Steve Bruce. Anything else than this nothingness of a club. It can and should be so much more.
  12. How the fuck is Bruce still our manager? Fucking hell i hope we go down. What a fucking waste of time the last few years with Bruce has been. I would rather have lockdown a million years than see more of Bruce, and like Bruce in our club. Ambition please. Fulham deserves to stay up, but i fear Brighton might be bad enough to save this pathetic shithouse.
  13. matta

    Rafa Benítez

    Anyone except us basically. We should just give him whatever he wants. The people taking over will want him anyway.
  14. matta

    Rafa Benítez

    Possibly in the history of the universe also.
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