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  1. Menace

    Graeme Jones

    I'd agree, no coincidence we're a lot better defensively when Hayden is playing. We really need a few CMS in the summer. Hendrick/Shelvey/Longstaff are all not good enough to be honest.
  2. Menace

    Takeover Thread

    He's a proper bore ain't he
  3. Do people expect Rodgers to call Bruce fucking shit and a donkey in the press? Of course he has to act professional ffs He owes us nothing
  4. No rules because the admins have sussed this is a heap of shite?
  5. How can something be sold if it has the same owners? Baffled here. By that logic this house I'm living in has been sold even though I'm still here and not signed the deed over to someone
  6. Kennedy has spouted endless shite for months on end. Why is his word being taken for gospel?
  7. I saw the photos of Lemina's MRS then saw this post straight after...
  8. People said something similar during the BZG saga, domain changes happen all the time.
  9. Menace

    Takeover Thread

    March 2022 is a massive month for the takeover.
  10. Same. That GeordieDentist guy is a tosser, the whole BGZ saga springs to mind. No idea why people take everything these guys say as stone cold facts
  11. Menace

    Takeover Thread

    "I've got covid "
  12. Menace


    In a COVID market? Nah.
  13. ASM has pretty much guaranteed our safety. Fucking hell..
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