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  1. Bale would be a good strategic move but not necessarily a good footballing one. Bringing someone like him here would be a strong signal to other players that the club is attractive, on the up and a good career move. Even just having the chance to play alongside Bale would be a strong enough attraction for some players to sign. Then there's the PR the move would generate......
  2. 10 years is far too long. 2 years I could stomach just to be rid of the parasite, but 10 years is unacceptable
  3. It would have taken a sophisticated manager with intelligence and top notch man management skills to work with and get the best out of Hatem. It's no wonder one dimensional simpletons like Pardew and Carver couldn't work with him. Pardew liked characters like Williamson - quiet, grateful, no bother, no talent. No doubt Hatem was a pain in the arse to manage at times, but what he was capable of on the pitch should've negated all of that. Obviously you can't have players kicking off all the time but you never heard anything about Hatem doing that. He was just a bit enigmatic - exactly the kin
  4. Given that it's Staveley's takeover and Rafa was involved in her last takeover attempt (in some way?) i'd be staggered if he wasn't her first choice. The only things that might stand in its way are the cost of releasing him from his contract and/or him being too honourable to walk away from it.
  5. This is the crux of it. I don't think he's a bad person and i don't blame him for taking a high profile PL job despite the fact he doesn't deserve it. If they offered it to me, i'd take it and I've never managed or coached a football team before. But it would probably set me up for life financially, so..... He is, without question, a shit manager though. An outdated, cliche-spouting, talentless dinosaur who is very much Ashley's man. For that reason he deserves no professional respect at all. But everyone saying they hate him and all that is a bit much. He doesn't seem like a bad guy -
  6. What ”things” are going to be going slower? If everyone is working from home, it's pretty reasonable to assume that normal checking procedures have been disrupted somewhat?
  7. Massive bullet dodged for any quality player we didn't end up signing. Can you imagine Modric being managed by Pardew - he'd probably drop him in favour of Colback.
  8. If it doesn't happen today it's not happening. It should be done already. Staveley has been trying to buy us for over 2 years! What makes you think that if it doesn't happen today she's just going to give up?! Chill out!
  9. 1. Pardew 2. Kinnear 3. Dennis Wise 4. Treatment of Jonas 5. Treatment of Keegan 6. 2 relegations 7. Those jeans 8. Defacing the stadium with SD shite 9. Renaming the stadium 10. Wonga I reckon that's pretty close to the top 10 but not necessarily in the right order.
  10. reconnected with a mate recently who doesn't want rafa and pulled the boring line ffs also thinks he's "always at war" with the bosses Never underestimate the stupidity of people.
  11. Project Dragon I don't want Bale, he has proven he is a mercenary. I would rather sign younger talent with a view to building a side to compete 3 years down the line. I know what you mean but im not going to turn my nose up at talent like Bale (if this is true), especially after some of the crap Ashley has picked up and put on the pitch. If we can get him at a massive knockdown price because of his age and the fact that Real Madrid don't want him, fair enough. He's a perma-crock though so if he's going to cost us a chunk, leave him where he is. I'd rather we raided Wolves for
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