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  1. Matt


    And make the over 50s wait another two months before their quarantine-free holiday?
  2. If you believe the majority of things should stay how they are right now, you would be pretty right-of-centre, at least economically.
  3. Oh here's Ian with his 'but centrists don't believe in anything' line again. It's been a while.
  4. Matt


    Still at 40+ on the website. Was hoping for a bit of movement last night to be honest- it's been at that level for a week now.
  5. Mandelson is just the man to fight the Tories doing dodgy favours for close contacts.
  6. Clarkson will be seething.
  7. Matt


    Fingers crossed it's a few years at a time. I feel as though I'm the only person left not having had one.
  8. That's not all he said though was it. We all know what he means when he talks of 'Churchill statues'. "Woke social media warriors", "rich urban liberals". The gall to accuse other of being obsessed with identity after the start of that message! If he thinks the areas of London which are Labour heartlands are the 'bourgeoisie' then he needs to get out of Westminster more. Perhaps crucially, it described these dreadful folk who live in cramped inner-city flats and occasionally get miffed at decades of systemic racism as being less important among Labour's support. Maybe half a vo
  9. Gutted Fox didn't get Binned. Khan should walk the second round votes. You aren't going to have many Green, LibDems of Binners opting for Bailey.
  10. Where do you even begin with the pile of shit? No-one was pulling down statues of Churchill , some people did however pull down the statue of a slaver known to pay the tuition of poor boys if their father voted Tory.
  11. He's looked fucked since that incident in the pub.
  12. Matt


    Grant Shapps has had some serious media training.
  13. If it can't be easily defined, or means different things to different people, then it is not going to be effective as a message. "I will fight for the working class" will not resonate with people who would benefit from certain policies but see themselves as "middle class" and will alienate people who see themselves as working class and cast their vote but it turns out those policies aren't actually going to help them at all as they earn just a bit too much. See also 'many' and 'few'.
  14. As far as I'm aware, there are relatively few people in this country who don't need to work to live their lives.
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